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Thriller 1h 57m 2014
Memories of Murder
Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 12m 2020
Thriller 2h 3m 2019
High Ground
Action, Thriller 1h 45m 2021
Heroic Losers
Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller 1h 57m 2020
Dark Web: Cicada 3301
Action, Comedy, Thriller 1h 45m 2021
The Translators
Thriller, Mystery 1h 45m 2020
Fright Night (1985)
Horror, Thriller 1h 46m 1985
Out Of Bounds
Action, Crime, Thriller 1h 33m 1986
Drama, Horror, Mystery 1h 48m 2021
Never Look Away
Drama, History, Thriller 3h 6m 2019
A Quiet Place
Thriller, Horror 1h 30m 2018
A Quiet Place Part II
Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi 1h 37m 2021
The Devil's Playground
Drama 1h 47m 1976
Get Out
Horror, Mystery, Thriller 1h 43m 2017
Dawn Raid
Biography, Musical, True Story 1h 38m 2021
Thriller 1h 43m 2021
Horror 1h 38m 1977
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Horror 1h 38m 1974
Comedy, Horror, Thriller 1h 42m 2020
Twelve Monkeys
Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi 2h 4m 1995
Wander Darkly
Drama 1h 37m 2021
You Should Have Left
Horror, Mystery 1h 33m 2020
The Thing
Horror, Sci-Fi 1h 49m 1982
The Forever Purge
Action, Horror, Thriller 1h 43m 2021
Night Hunter
Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 1h 38m 2019
Come Play
Horror 1h 45m 2020
10 Cloverfield Lane
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi 1h 43m 2016
Horror, Thriller 1h 39m 2020

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