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Drama 1h 37m 2021
Drama 1h 34m 2021
Parallel Mothers
Independent, Foreign, Award Winning, Drama 2h 2m 2021
Drama 2h 11m 2019
Mr Fuzzypants
Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy 1h 27m 2016
Drama 1h 55m 2021
Memories of Murder
Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 12m 2020
Biography, Crime, Drama 2h 0m 2021
High Life
Drama 1h 53m 2018
Drama 1h 37m 2021
Heroic Losers
Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller 1h 57m 2020
Hell or High Water
Drama, Crime 1h 38m 2016
Hearts and Bones
Drama 1h 47m 2019
Crime, Drama 2h 8m 2016
First Cow
Drama, Western 2h 2m 2021
Dinner in America
Comedy, Drama 1h 48m 2020
Dark Web: Cicada 3301
Action, Comedy, Thriller 1h 45m 2021
Drama 1h 38m 2021
The Father
Drama 1h 36m 2021
Drama 1h 35m 2021
Drama, Romance, War 1h 39m 2021
Action, Drama 1h 48m 2019
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Drama, Romance 1h 59m 2019
A White, White Day
Drama 1h 49m 2019
The Last Mountain
Documentary 1h 47m 2021
Wild Mountain Thyme
Drama, Romance 1h 42m 2021
The Father
Drama 1h 36m 2021
Drama 1h 35m 2021
Biography, Crime, Drama 2h 0m 2021
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Drama, Romance 1h 59m 2019
High Ground
Action, Thriller 1h 45m 2021
Music, Documentary 1h 36m 2017
Feels Good Man
Documentary 1h 32m 2020
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi 1h 34m 2021
Drama 2h 1m 2018
Musical, Drama, Biography 1h 33m 2019
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Director's Cut)
Drama, Sci-Fi 2h 17m 2017
Dead Reckoning (1947)
Drama, War 1h 40m 1947
Call Me by Your Name
Drama, Romance 2h 12m 2020
Blast Beat
Drama 1h 45m 2021
Fun with Dick and Jane (1977)
Comedy 1h 35m 1977
Baby Driver
Action, Crime, Thriller 1h 53m 2017
Comedy, Drama 1h 36m 2019
Affair In Trinidad
Drama, Mystery, Suspense 1h 38m 1952
Jerry Maguire
Comedy, Drama, Romance 2h 19m 1996
I Love You to Death
Comedy, Crime, Drama 1h 37m 1990
His Girl Friday
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 32m 1940
Comedy, Drama, Independent 1h 18m 2015
Drama, Romance 1h 50m 1946
Gas Food Lodging
Drama, Romance 1h 41m 1992
French Exit
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1h 50m 2021
Little Women (1994)
Drama, Family, Romance 1h 55m 1995
In a Lonely Place
Drama, Romance 1h 34m 1950
I Carry You With Me (Te Llevo Conmigo)
Romance, Drama 1h 51m 2021
Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi 1h 48m 2021
Steel Magnolias
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 57m 1989
Sleepless in Seattle
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 45m 1993
Drama 1h 43m 1953
Professor Marston & The Wonder Women
Drama, Romance 1h 48m 2017
Postcards from the Edge
Comedy, Drama 1h 41m 1990
Our Man in Havana
Comedy, Crime, Drama 1h 51m 1959
One Thousand Ropes
Drama 1h 38m 2017
Drama, Horror, Mystery 1h 48m 2021
Nine Days
Drama, Fantasy, Independent, Sci-Fi 2h 4m 2021
Never Look Away
Drama, History, Thriller 3h 6m 2019
Mt. Zion
Drama 1h 33m 2013
The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station
Documentary 2h 7m 2021
Comedy, Drama, Musical 1h 50m 1978
Under the Volcano
Documentary 1h 36m 2021
Documentary, Biography 1h 40m 2019
Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance 1h 37m 2020
Drama, Sport 1h 32m 2017
Moon Rock for Monday
Drama 1h 40m 2021
After the Storm
Drama, Comedy 1h 57m 2016
The Sparks Brothers
Documentary, Musical 2h 15m 2021
Final Account
Documentary 1h 34m 2021
An Angel At My Table
Drama, Biography 2h 34m 1990
The Addams Family
Comedy, Fantasy 1h 39m 1991
The Dark Horse
Drama, Biography 2h 4m 2014
American Beauty
Drama 2h 2m 1999
Into the Wild
Drama 2h 29m 2007
The Realm
Drama, Thriller 2h 12m 2019
Crime, Drama 2h 1m 2018
Just a Sigh
Drama, Romance 1h 45m 2013
God's Own Country
Drama, Romance 1h 44m 2017
Funny Cow
Comedy, Drama 1h 42m 2018
Dallas Buyers Club
Biography, Drama 1h 57m 2013
White Christmas
Comedy, Musical, Romance 2h 0m 1954
Drama 1h 33m 1996
The Space Between
Drama 1h 39m 2021
The Big Short
Biography, Comedy, Drama, History 2h 10m 2015
Saturday Night Fever
Drama, Musical 1h 58m 1977
My Fair Lady
Drama, Family, Musical 2h 50m 1964
Life is Beautiful
Comedy, Drama, War 1h 56m 1997
Rosemary's Baby
Drama, Horror 2h 17m 1968
Pretty in Pink
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 36m 1986
No. 2
Comedy, Drama 1h 34m 2006
It’s a Wonderful Life
Drama, Family, Fantasy 2h 10m 1946
An Officer and a Gentleman
Drama 2h 4m 1982
Whale Rider
Drama, Family 1h 41m 2003
Comedy, Drama, Romance 2h 1m 1996
Fatal Attraction
Drama, Thriller 1h 59m 1987
Biography, Crime, Drama 1h 39m 2021
Good Will Hunting
Drama, Romance 2h 6m 1997
I Walk Alone
Crime, Drama, Film Noir 1h 37m 1948
Sione's 2: Unfinished Business
Comedy 1h 32m 2012
Sione's Wedding
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 37m 2006
The God Committee
Thriller 1h 39m 2021
The War with Grandpa
Comedy, Drama, Family 1h 37m 2020
The Breakfast Club
Comedy, Drama 1h 37m 1985
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 55m 1961
Let Him Go
Crime, Drama, Thriller 1h 54m 2020
Drama 1h 29m 2021
Schindler's List
Biography, Drama, History 3h 16m 1994
Pride & Prejudice
Drama, Romance 2h 7m 2005
Kipchoge: The Last Milestone
Documentary 1h 27m 2021
Inside Man
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 9m 2006

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